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I love making art in 3D. Check out some of my recent exhibited works below. I usually use a combination of Blender and Rhino to produce the animations, and render out the scenes using Cycles, but I’m always experimenting with new software, artistic techniques, and subject matter.

Knock-off Vase - 3D Print

June 2018 - Featured in the Impermantent Collection at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles, CA

This project was a little vase, designed through the use of physics-modeling software. A 3D cylinder was dropped onto the frame, and a simulation of fabric was used to defore the cylinder, as shown in the animation. The resulting 3D model was printed and auctioned. 

This project was developed for the Impermanent exhibit at the A+D museum. The Impermanent Collection is an ongoing project where artists and designers are selected to produce physical works that address the impermanence of the digital realm. 

The Garden of Obsolete - VR Exerpience

May 2020 - Featured in the Friendly Ghost exhibition at Miriam Gallery in Brooklin, NY.

One insidious side effect of prolonged Social Distancing is the gradual collapse of the ability to understand physical distance. Digital communication tools like Zoom or Skype or FaceTime dissociate the senses, privileging visual and auditory facsimiles over all other senses. The resulting effect is one of surreal shifting scale - other people in the world are impossibly far away, but infinitely accessible.

The Garden of Obsolete imagines a public park located in the city of Los Angeles, understood through the dissociating prism of a prolonged Social Distancing ordinance. Familiar objects shift scale and subvert the diminutive effect of optical perspective. Physical distance morphs from a static, objective relationship between different objects to a subjective and unreliable relationship between viewer and object.

This project was developed for the Friendly Ghost exhibit at Mirimiam Gallery. Friendly Ghost was an exhibition exploring the isolation of the COVID-19 self quarantine period. 

Yeah, But Maybe Never - Fly-through Animation

August 2019 - Featured in the exhibition Translating the Building at Juicebox Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

"Yeah, but maybe never" is social housing complex proposed for the city of Denver. The project explores post-digital design techniques in order to imagine a possible architectural form liberated from a singular objective to produce revenue. Situated in the heart of the business district in downtown Denver, the residential complex seeks to activate the space that is abandoned after office workers leave for the day.

The ground plane consists of a collection of urban-scaled objects composed to form both intimate and active public spaces. A tower of units, at the scale of the neighboring office towers, provides high-density residential space. Lidar scans from the surrounding mountains are used to generate occupiable roof-scapes throughout the project.

This project was developed for the Translating the Building exhibition produced by Jucebox Gallery. Translating the Building was an exhibition exploring contemporary urban spaces and gentrification in the city of Denver. 

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