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I am a product designer based in Los Angeles. I design things that make it easy to do complex things. I love rock climbing, making 3D art, and eating cherimoya.

Helping parents capture video of their kids

I designed, tested, and launched a brand new app on the iOS app store that automatically edits video of baseball games. 

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Connecting businesses with amazing vendors

I collaborated with Haggle to design a portal for connecting business clients and product vendors of all kinds. 

Simplifying at-home medications

A medical equipment manufacturer approached me with a problem: how can we help people take complex medicines, like intravenous infusions, at home?

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Delivering notifications that people love

I collaborated with Trace to design and implement a notification system that would help educate and inform people about the great features of the app.

Improving the experience after an auto collision

I had a terrible experience dealing with insurance after a car collison that I was in, and I had to design a better way to file claims.

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